20 Awesome Facts About Popular Films You Probably Didn’t Know

These days it is hard to find a 20 something who is not a movie buff. But, how many of us actually love them to the extent that we are willing to go behind what appears on the screen?

If you are one of those who can’t do without getting deep into the layers, the following amazing facts about the most epic movies ever made are just what you need.

So here goes-

1. While shooting the snow mountain scene for Lord Of The Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring, Sean Bean climbed the mountain to reach the sets


In order to shoot the scene, the crew had to be helicoptered to the sets. But Sean Bean, succumbing to his fear of flying, chose the difficult path and took whole two hours to climb the mountain (in make up and costume) to reach the sets.

Fact source

2. In The Dark Knight, the part where the Joker is fidgeting with the remote was a natural reaction


The hospital set was timed to get blown off with some other technology and of course not by Joker’s remote.What had happened was that due to perhaps some technical fault the hospital set did not suffer the blast by the pre-decided time. However, Joker being in his character fully, made it appear as though it was due to the faulty remote in his hand that was causing the delay in the blast.

The fact story for this movie does not end here. Some of the equally exciting ones are-

Heath Ledger used to maintain a Joker Diary to get into the nerves of the character


Such extensive was his research that he even documented things that Joker as a character might find funny and those things included AIDS and blind babies. He totally justified creepy.

When the legendary Michael Caine saw Heath for the first time in his creepy-at-its-best Joker look during rehearsals, he forgot his lines


 The catch in the name tag that says “Matilda”


Fact source 1, 2, 3, 4

3. Thor – in order to conceive that absolutely real remote town look,they rebuilt almost an entire town in Galisteo, New Mexico


Fact source

4. Interstellar was shot without green screens


Except for the scenes involving space (the worm hole, Gargantua, etc), all other scenes were shot in real environments. Even the cockpit was built specially for the film.

Fact source

5. In Rang De Basanti, the pocket watch dropped by Sue’s grandfather just when Bhagat Singh was hung is shown hung, shows 7:30, which was the exact time when the legendary freedom fighter was hung in reality


Fact source

6. The dinosaur sounds in the Jurassic Park are actually recordings of noises coming from tortoise sex


Fact source

7. Remember that creepy scene from Godfather that showed a horse’s head on the bed? Well, that head was a real one


Fact source

8. The Wolf of Wall Street holds the record of uttering the F word most number of times


Furthermore, Jordan Belfort, the criminal turned motivational speaker on whom the movie is based, does a cameo in the final moments of the movie.

Fact source- 1, 2

9. Keeping aside all the crazy science in Gravity, we just have to say this – the movies budget was more than what the entire India’s Mars Mission required


Fact source

10. The filmmakers could not take the risk of Ranbir’s hairstyle getting messed and hence, Rockstar was shot in reverse with the climax being shot first


Fact source

11.While shooting the “sermon of the mountain” scene for The Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning


The extras on the set revealed they noticed illumination around his body and fire coming out of left and right side of his head. Strangely but fortunately enough, he did not get injured even after such crazy direct encounter with lightning!

Fact source

12. The movie Titanic’s run time is same as the amount of time taken by the ship to sink in real life


And you know what happens when perfectionist James Cameron gets crazy? He becomes OCD perfect. Remember the scene with Rose lying on the driftwood and staring at the stars? In the 3D version, the former star field was replaced with the field that showed stars how they would have appeared at 4:20 a.m. of 15th April 1912!!

Fact source- 1, 2

13. That is Leonardo DiCaprio’s real blood in Django Unchained


While shooting, Leo slammed his hand on the table and the glass gave his hand a deep cut and without a flinch, he shot the entire scene! After going through the scene like a total pro, the entire set applauded him by giving a standing ovation. A gesture, he totally deserved!

Fact source

14. Chris Gardner, the man on whom The Pursuit of Happyness is based, does a cameo towards the end scenes in the movie


Fact source

15. In one of the iconic Pulp Ficiton scenes, the plot of Kill Bill is indirectly revealed


The revelation lies in the pilot story that Mia (Uma Thurman) tells Vincent Vega (John Travolta) in that theme diner (or was it a bar? I really can’t decide).

Also, Pulp Fiction had hit theaters with other epic ones- Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump and Jurassic Park, at the same time in the October of 1994!

Fact source- 1, 2

16. In The Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkin’s performance became one of the shortest lead performances to win an Oscar


The amazing Anthony Hopkins got just a little over 16 minutes of appearance in the movie and in just that much time, he managed to deliver the legendary performance as Hannibal Lecter that garnered him Academy award for the lead role.

Fact source

17. The rotating dream stage in  Inception, in which Arthur is fighting the hotel security, was in fact a rotating set


Fact source

18. This warning by Tyler Durden appears for just a blink of a second before the movie starts


Next time you watch the movie on Blu ray or DVD, try pausing that frame and when you do, you will get to see this whacky thing!

Fact source

19.  From the huge fact sheet of Rocky, a couple would be- Butkus was Sylvester’s own dog and the 1976 Rocky, was shot in as little as 28 days!


Fact source

20. In The Lion King, Pumbaa was the first Disney character ever to fart on screen


Fact source

Now that you know of these little fun facts, don’t you almost feel the strong urge to watch your favourite movies all over again?

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