A Bomb Scare, A Murder, & 5 Years Of Careful Planning. This Guy Did It All Just For Love

A bomb scare regarding international flights in Bengaluru created a major ruckus during the weekend. Not only were flights in Bengaluru delayed, Delhi and Mumbai were also affected. Just a day later, police caught the person behind the hoax calls and discovered it was not some prankster or terrorist organisation, but a techie based out of Bengaluru who was trying to frame someone else for it.

What the police also discovered was that seven months ago, this man allegedly killed his own wife, passed it as a suicide, tried to frame the husband of the woman he loves and finally got caught.

But his meticulous planning was messed up when police used his own technology to catch him.

Here’s the complicated case broken into episodes:

Episode 1: The Puppy Love

MG Gokul since his school days had a crush on a girl, Karuna (name changed to conceal identity). They were good friends and their relationship turned more intimate, when after school, they studied engineering together in Thrissur. In 2007, they parted ways when Gokul shifted to Delhi and Karuna to Tiruchirappalli.

Episode 2: Getting Practical

Moving on, Gokul met another girl named Anuradha. She belonged to the same field as him. They got along well and fell in love. They got married in 2009 and had a kid. Karuna had an arranged marriage with a man named Saju Jose and moved to Bengaluru.

Episode 3: Marriage – Woes and Vows

Gokul worked late, Anuradha left her job and started teaching at a private institution. She started having an affair with one of her students. Gokul found out about it by reading an SMS on her phone. He didn’t want to divorce her as they had a two-year-old kid together whom he loved dearly. At that same time, he reconnected with Karuna on Facebook, who was also having a troubled marriage and was considering divorce.

Episode 4: Nudity & Negligence

With evil planned ahead, Gokul created fake e-mail ids to exploit his wife, Anuradha’s blind faith in religion. Using these religious id’s, he not only made her confess about her extra-marital affair in writing but also managed to get her nude pictures with her lover. He promised her that this will lead to her happy life with her lover. Gokul showed these pictures and messages to Anuradha’s father (retd. senior police official) and remained in his good books.

Episode 5: Bengaluru

Citing a promotion, in 2014, Gokul and Anuradha shifted to Bengaluru in the same building as Karuna and her husband. In 2015, one evening he got Anuradha drunk enough and hit her with a Ganesha idol twice on her head till she died. He rubbed her head and made it look like a suicide. The police suspected him, but Anuradha’s father gave him a clean chit based on his daughter’s extra-marital affair. For Gokul, one obstacle on the path was gone. It was time for the next step.

Episode 6: Removing the Second Obstacle

Gokul, now single, found out that Karuna and Saju were not getting divorced. So he purchased a few sims under Saju’s name and made hoax calls to officials and sent them messages about a bomb scare. His motive behind this was to frame Saju as a terrorist. He even created a Facebook page under his name and followed ISIS with it.

Episode 7: The Crackdown

His hoax calls done on the weekend created a havoc in the air traffic. As a result, the police got active and tracked him down. After 10 hours of questioning, he confessed to making the hoax calls and killing his own wife, Anuradha.

MG Gokul took five years to plan these series of incidents in which he failed by the end of it. Since it involved terrorism threat, the case has been transferred to Central Crime Branch (CCB).

He has been taken into police custody for more details and Anuradha’s suicide case will now be opened again considering Gokul’s recent statement given to the police.

Is all really fair in love and war?
Is love really like this?

News Source: Bangalore Mirror



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