11 Phases Of A Relationship Explained Perfectly By Pyar Ka Punchnama

There are some movies that we watch just for fun, some because we liked their story, some because they received good reviews. And then there are some movies that make it look like they were tailor made for you, or rather they were made on your life story. One such Bollywood movie was Pyar Ka Punchnama.

The movie may not have been a huge success or might have been misogynistic at times, but nobody can deny that at some point of time at their lives it became their relationship story. As a matter of fact, every phase of our relationship can be seen in this awesome movie:

1. The single frustrated IT engineer phase (Aka the fapping phase)


And the subsequent ‘You need a girlfriend/boyfriend’ phase.

2. The ‘discussion of options’ phase


And while you’re at it, the incessant and almost creepy checking out of the other gender so as to make them uncomfortable enough.

3. The successful moment when you actually happen to like a girl/guy and they like you back…


…only to realize they have put you in a massive friend-zone. You are their ATM, chauffeur, hair stylist and everything else. They love you, but “not in that way”. Well, fuck you too.

4. Or if you manage to get someone, only to realize they are way out of your league


He’s either too hot for you, or way, way too hot for you. And if by chance you manage to get someone within your league, the problem of handling them.

5. The start of the relationship phase when everything is rainbows and unicorn farts


This is the ‘Aww-I-like-how-your-fart-smells’ phase. Literally.

6. The phase where you are still willing to work for it with all the differences


You have your fights and differences, but you are still out of the war-zone.

7. The relationship phase where you’re at each other’s throats trying to kill each other


8. The phase where you use everything possible as a weapon – be it a slipper, tears or even blackmailing


Bae: I love you.
Me: Okay.
Bae:*starts crying*
Me: Dafuq?

9. The phase when you are so frustrated/annoyed that you have no other option than to bitch about it to your friends

click here to watch it (youtube link)

Who can ever, ever miss this legendary speech?

10. The breakup phase


11. The phase where you realize you deserve better (aka the peaceful bachelor phase)


And then repeat the cycle from Step 1.

I wish they make at least 4 sequels of it!



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