If You Have An Awesome Girlfriend Like This, Never Let Her Go

My boyfriend has the most awesome girlfriend in the world

If that’s what your girl claims, probably she’s right. And if that makes you smile, probably she’s the right one too.

She is unconventional

When everyone chooses between right and left, she chooses to dig a tunnel right through the earth. She’s strange, erratic, funny, stupid, emotional, brave… Ah, I’m lost for words.


She can bring out the best in you

With her, you laugh your heart out and at times you cry a river.
You scream, you shout, you jump, you fly with her. Don’t you?

Unpredictable that she is, trying to make her happy is an interesting puzzle you try solving every now and then. Her unpredictability is a gift considering the amazing surprises she throws at you.

She makes you realize that the judgmental looks of people around you are inconsequential.

Her presence makes you feel that no one can inflict the unwanted pain of seeking approval


The day you met her, you met a different yourself…

And since that day, you have been meeting different versions of you and her.
And with all the unbelievably crazy things she does, you realise that nobody in this world is so “normal”. And shouldn’t be. Afterall, who and what defines what is “normal”?

She laughs at the stupidest of jokes and cries at the stupidest of reasons.
She understands, and yes she understands your unusual thoughts and feelings.

She’s a dreamer

Free of inhibitions, free of rules set by tradition and society.
And being with her makes you realize your freedom too.

There’s nothing called “spending quality time” in your relationship.
Because even when she’s not around, the whole time of your life feels like quality.

In dark days of life, she dreams of a brighter tomorrow with a smile.
You can see the pain in her eyes, but it’s masked with a faith.

She gives you memories…

Sweet, stupid, embarrassing, all kinds of memories.

She takes away the shy you. And contagiously crazy that she is, she instills some of it in you.


With her, life seems like an adventure at every turn.

She challenges you and your thoughts.

At times, her impulsive nature pushes you to a brim, but you get back strong because nothing else feels calmer than the scent of her being around you.

Living in the moment, swimming against the tide, going out on sudden adventure trips and never realising the meaning of boredom; life has been anything but typical for you.


It’s like a never-ending movie or an addictive game with new twists and turns at every corner; a life of emotional freedom.

In one sentence,
She’s your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.

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