Spooky Sunday in Ahmedabad … .. .

Navaratri, the festival is celebrated through a period of 9 days in ahmedabad and adjoining areas and this is the time when you are most likely to encounter spooky incidents.
I am not the only one in our family, many have gone through this. It was an October evening. We had plans to visit some relatives nearby. I was not feeling well and so decided to stay back along with my brother who was den 4 years old. The maid appointed to look after him left soon after my parents left home. So we two were all alone. I went out in the balcony(on the ground floor) and rested myself on the not so big swing with my brother beside me. The balcony was dark and was poorly lit up by small colourful bulbs which all of a sudden went off. As i was about to leave the swing and approach the switch board i noticed my brother had dozed off. As i was about to stand up i heard someone smiling softly. I thought it was my brother pretending that he slept. I checkd and recheckd. Again i could hear the same smile and dis time a bit nearer as if it was approaching me. Slowly i made out it was a woman’s voice. I was transfixed. Started sweating like anything. The only thing i did was i held my brother tight. I gather courage and managed to turn my head right. And next what i saw, while recounting also i get goosebumps. A lady with long white hair which extended upto her lower body. Her face was not visible at all. She walked up till the border of our balcony. She was standing there. I was so damn scared that i even could not cry out for help. She laughed and it went louder. I started shivering and closed my eyes. Suddenly there was dead silence. I opend my eyes and saw her walking away and she disapprd. I was much surprisd when the bulbs turned on a few secs later after she left and dat too automatically. My parents soon reachd but i could not move from the place. Later my mother told me that after being slapped several times i started crying and described the whole incident. I had high fever for thr next 10 days as well. My father later told me that it was a usual scene. Some spirits hamper humas while some dont. And i was lucky i was not hampered.
I am one of the many who have encountered such spiritual activities and still do the same.



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