Decor Tips to Steal from The Twilight Saga

Are you an Edward person? Or a Jacob kind of guy?

Twi-hards will know what we are talking about. Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are the two male protagonists of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, a series of four vampire-themed fantasy romance novels. Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan, a teenage girl moves to Forks, Washington, and falls in love with a 104-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen. Along the way, she befriends Jacob ‘Jake’ Black, is a Native American of the Quileute tribe who can shapeshift into a wolf.

Edward and Jacob, battling for the attention of the same girl, are like chalk and cheese. Understandably their homes are poles apart in nature and character. Which is your kind of home?



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The Cullen family home is a complete modern stunner. Walls of glass open out and look into amazingly green forest views.

The colour palette is unabashedly neutral across the home. The subtle shades combine to create a stylish and elegant look. It’s cool, modern and minimalistic  – much like all of the Cullens.


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Metal is seen everywhere. Accompanied by uncluttered lines, it creates a look that weds the formal with the contemporary.

The Cullens don’t eat – well, don’t we know that – but their kitchen is jaw-dropping. Huge glass windows, a central island and the very latest in accessories invite you to cook.


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Edward’s room has white walls and floor and showcases metal and wood accents. Varied textures add a bit of warmth but on the whole the look is cold. Much like Edward?

The room is light and bright . There’s one wall full of windows; another has large French doors looking out over the trees.

Edward doesn’t sleep, so he has turned in his bed for a stylish white Barcelona couch that sits pretty on a grey-toned, shaggy rug.


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The accessories are modern. There’s a small Platner table in chrome and glass. White free-floating bookshelves hold books and knick-knacks above an antique record player.  A flat-screen TV stands above a desk.

Books take pride of place in Edward’s home. Especially in his room. They’re on nearly every surface, with a selection displayed vertically on a Sapien bookshelf.



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The home Jacob lives in with his grandfather, Billy Black, is comfortable and relaxed. Think country-style. Characteristically casual and cozy, country decorating is all about comfort.

Aim for a hand-built and hand-crafted look. Wood paneling, big windows, comfortable couches and a no-frills kind of look.

Think a rustic ambience, bright sun-baked colours, natural light, vibrant accessories, heavy woods, black metals and carved detailing.


Colours found in the surrounding landscape complement the scheme. Choose from the browns, oranges and deep reds of the earth, light and dark greens of the countryside, lavenders and yellows of flower fields, and blues and sea greens of the water and sky.

The kitchen is bright, airy and country-style. Wooden cabinets, a pot rack and colourful tableware add warmth and create an inviting appeal.


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The Quileute tribe is best known, as artists and craftsmen, for their woven baskets and dog hair blankets. They fine baskets were so tightly woven that they could hold water. Add a few baskets around the home – they look appealing and provide storage options.

A shaggy rug or two, especially in the living room or the bedroom, works well. Jacob’s tribe raised specially bred woolly dogs for their hair, which was later shorn and woven into rigs and blankets.

The Quileute often donned hats. These weren’t your usual head gear. These hats were a fine example of their craftsmanship and were made waterproof, using cedar, to shield against the heavy rainfall in the region. Put up a selection of hats to create a wall of interest.

If you want in-your-face Jacob, add the werewolf in small doses to your home. It could be posters, decals, motifs or other small knick-knacks.


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In one of the Twilight movies, Jacob gives Bella a “dream-catcher”. This Indian relic supposedly catches the bad dreams and lets only good dreams in.  So tack a “dream-catcher” to the headboard of your bed.



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