22 Girls Reveal The Most Ridiculous Thing They’ve Cried About & It’s Hilarious

I cried cos the wifi wouldn't connect to my phone or laptop but connected to dads computer and mums laptop
One time I wanted to go to a friend's house and I didn't because I couldn't find a shirt. So I cried.
Whisper not found.
I cried for an hour when I was 13 and couldn't log into my Facebook.
I cried because I wanted pickle chips and didn't have any...In my defense I'm a fatty and was drunk
I cried once because I had to wash a knife to butter my toast.
My dad bought the wrong cheese rolls from tesco once so I balled my eyes out!!
I didn't wanna say goodbye to a caterpillar I had found in my garden... I cried hysterically for an hour or so.. -_-
This damn board game.
When McDonalds told me the milkshake machine was broken...I really wanted my shamrock shake
I put my light colored fabric on the floor to cut it. and it got covered in black cat hair.  I sat on the floor and cried.
Whisper not found.
My mom told me to comb my hair by myself
Whisper not found.
I just finished making a giant pitcher of kool-aid and spilled the entire thing on the floor, I cried at the loss while wiping it up.
I cried because my dog ran into my wall
I cried because I thought that I bought the chocolate cookies at the store... I accidentally got oatmeal raisin. Happened less than 20 minutes ago.
I cried when I wasn't hungry enough to eat a steak. I have no shame
When I was little I cried bc I lost my pet......feather
Once I cried, because I had to shave my legs and I was too lazy to do that.
I cried because I couldn't get my eyebrows to stay even
I bought a flower and killed it within a day. I cried for a solid hour 👌

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