Where Mark Zuckerberg Sits At The Facebook Headquarters Will Surprise You

Click here to watch it  (Mark Zukenburg himself talking)


If there’s something that will probably surpass Google’s plans of worldwide internet domination, it’s Facebook. In little over 10 years, Facebook has become an integral part of our life. And the best part is that it’s not only stopping at social networking. Zuckerberg and team are hard at work on Internet.org and virtual reality tech too. Talking about Zuckerberg, it is needless to mention that he’s the richest young dude in the world and now we know that he is one of the best bosses too.


Zuckerberg recently posted the first ever live video straight from the FB headquarters. While he talks about the work culture at FB he casually introduces us to his desk. Yes, his desk. Not a huge cabin decked with the latest gadgets that you would expect from the CEO of one of the most futuristic companies on the planet. He sits with his employees, like his employees. There’s no cabin culture at facebook since they want to promote free trade of speech and ideas. And Zuckerberg doesn’t actually take the thing about being the boss that seriously. Indian CEOs should definitely learn a thing or two from Zuckerberg and come out the confines of their dandy cabins. Check out the video below –



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