Kwickadd EVENT Reviews : Aditi Mittal at Juggernaut

So The fame of “Our women generation” Aditi Mittal was in our ahmedabad. She is an actress, writer, voice over artist and a stand-up comic. Her adult yet very ironically true comic jokes were a hit among the viewers. Aditi Mittal successfully trolled generations of the era with her sarcasm and her double minded tone. She meant everything she said with a pinch of humour, sarcasm, irony, hypocrites, drama and what not. After she was a known face from “AIB Knockout” girls followed her for the “a-blah nari” thing she developed. It was a fun packed night Ahmadabadis had at Juggernaut cafe.

(for those who aren’t aware of her : she is Dynamite on stage and screen, she`s also a member of India`s first Improv group `The Cardinal Bengans,` has appeared on CNN-IBN`s Phenking News with CyrusBrocha and is a regular on Jay Hind, India`s first online stand-up show. She has also featured in Time Magazine`s “People we would never feature in Time Magazine.“ From eve teasing to the animal kingdom, nothing escapes Aditi`s comic radar.)

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picture credit : Saurabh solanki


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