20 Hilarious Hindi Posters Of Hollywood Movies


Have you ever seen a Hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi? If not, then you’re missing out on a hilarious experience. The Hindi dubbed version of Hollywood movies are funny and so are their posters. Here are 20 such that show how Indians can get creative when it comes to Hollywood!

1. When Avengers turn into Angaarey!


2. And Pirates become Samundar Ke Lutere


3. Disney’s Up becomes Udan Choo!


4. Captain America is the first Pratishodhi.

captain america

5. They are Charlie’s Trishakti!

Charlies angel

6. When the planet of the apes rise, Vinaash happens!

rise of the planet

7. Mission Osama Bin Laden

zero dark thirty

8. Deep Blue Sea is Maut Ka Samundar!

deep blue sea

9. Only there is no Akshay this time!

django unchained hindi

10. Starring Nicolas Cage as ‘Mahakaal’!

ghost rider hindi

11. The literal translation would have been – Narak Ladka (just saying)

hellboy hindi

12. Inception gets an apt name. The movie was indeed achakravyuh!


13. The Incredible Hulk becomes a Mahabali in its Hindi version.

hulk in hindi

14. I-run Man, ek fauladi rakshak!

ironman in hindi

15. Angels are Maut Ke Farishtey.

legion in hindi

16. It happens only in India!

mrssmith in hindi

17. Lolwut?!

monstersinc in hindi

18. Stuart Little is Chotte Miyaan.

stuart lil in hindi

19. Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez star in a deadly game called ‘Maut Ka Bulava’

resident evil in hindi

20. The one who came up with this name is pure genius!

ratatouille in hindi



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