This Guy Never Stood Up For Himself His Entire Life, But One Day He Does… And It’s Epic

click here to watch it (youtube link)

What makes all the difference is speaking up. We have all been blessed with the ability to speak and communicate. We say it out loud when we’re hungry, when we’re sick or when we want a basic need fulfilled.

But why don’t we speak up when we actually need to? Why don’t we speak up when it is the right thing to do? This video shared by shortfilmwala Inc. tells us the story of a Bhola, a man who wants to speak up and couldn’t for a long time. But finally he does, and we come to know that he is actually mute.

But then it makes us think, that if he being a mute can ‘speak up’ for himself, what’s stopping you? Don’t let people push you all your life.

Stand up. Speak up.


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