10 Interesting Facts About the Illegal Videos That Very Few People Know

I had friends in college who would swear by their porn collection. Just in case something unexpected (porn ban) happens, they’d like to keep their stock safe and secure.

Even though 70 percent people deny watching porn, the statistics show that 90 percent of people in their twenties watch porn. There is a lot more going on offscreen than what we see onscreen. The porn industry is still one of the most flourishing industries.

Presenting 10 lesser known facts about porn to give you a new perspective of it:

1. While we whine about impartial payments in IT sector, do you know that male porn stars get $500-$600 per project while they can get thrice the amount for gay projects.

Image source

2. Porn sites are comparatively safer than normal websites.

Image source

3. In North Korea and Iran, if you are found watching (or making) porn then the punishment is DEATH.

Image source

4. Some porn studios hire people (often called fluffers) whose job is to arouse the male before the scene starts.

Image source

5. Porn has used almost every medium of communication to broadcast itself including lithography, CD, DVD, TV, Print, Satellite etc.

6. The countries that recorded the highest number of hardcore porn views also recorded the lowest number of sex crime rates.

Image source

7. The revenue generated by porn industries is more than the revenue generated by professional football, basketball, and baseball franchises COMBINED.

Image source

8. An HIV outbreak led to the death of several pornstars in the 1980’s. Since then, strict measures are taken to ensure the health and safety of pornstars.

Image source

9. More than 35 percent of all downloads on the internet is pornographic content.

Image source

10. As many as 30 million people are watching porn RIGHT NOW!

Image source

And what are you doing? 😀

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