11 Sweet Little Rituals That Will Keep The Spark In Your Relationship Alive

Do you know Lily & Marshall from the show, ‘How I Met Your Mother’? If you don’t, then there are few things you need to know about them. They are in a relationship since the junior year of college. The show ended with them married with three kids, but their journey of a couple fresh out of college to awesome parents is shown beautifully over the 9 years (you should totally watch it). They evolve with time, and in their journey of ups and downs (career, friends, money, marriage, kids), they stand by each other and never let their relationship fall apart.

I absolutely love them, and there are few unique things about them, which make them so adorable. One of them is their cute little ritual list, that consists of activities they do together to keep the romance in their relationship alive.

So, I have made a list of similar rituals you can follow, to make your relationship as awesome as Lily & Marshall’s (Or your own kind! Set new goals). 😀

1. The Movie Ritual – Pick a movie to be watched on a particular day every year

Image Source

It can be absolutely any movie on any occasion. Watch ‘The Notebook’ on Valentine’s Day every year, or ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ on every Christmas, or ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ on your anniversary. You can always mix and match and go a bit out of the box. For ex: ‘Kill Bill’ on your partner’s birthday. 😉

2. The Recipe Ritual – Pick a dish you’d cook for them (or they’d cook for you) on a particular day every week/month/year

Image Source

Pancakes every Sunday, spaghetti after every fight or blueberry cheesecake on birthdays! Make sure you cook it every time that occasion comes along.

3. A Kiss A Day Ritual – Give them at least one kiss every day

Image Source

This works when you are having a rough day and don’t get to spend time with each other. So, before going to bed, ask each other if you gave the kiss of the day. If not, then kiss goodnight and go to sleep. It will instantly make you forget your worries.

4. Love Quote Ritual – Give each other cute love quotes every morning

Image Source

Two of my friends who are dating love to read a lot. Both are writers by profession, and they tell each other about a beautiful love quote every morning after waking up. I found it very sweet. It will give you that romantic drive to find the perfect love quote for the next day.

5. Stargazing Ritual – Take a day out every month to just lie down and look at stars and talk

Image Source

Another couple I know does it on the last day of every month. They talk about the most random things, ideas, future plans, etc. It is very relaxing and much-needed for a relationship to stay fresh.

6. The Long Distance Ritual – Send a sweet message before going to bed every day

Image Source

After a long day, when your partner will see your message, it will surely make their day.:)

7. Long Drive Ritual – Go for a long drive every week

Image Source

Go for a quiet long drive every week to talk and just spend some time together.

8. Leave A Note Ritual – Pick an activity, and leave sweet notes after or before it

Image Source

You can leave notes for your partner in the shower, after the breakfast, on the mirror, on refrigerator, etc. It’s sweet and makes the other person feel loved.

9. Shower Ritual – Pick a day to shower together (or do it every day)

Image Source

Your sex life should not fizzle out with time. Intimate rituals like these will keep your relationship steamy.

10. 5-Minute Early Ritual – Wake up 5-10 minutes early and stay in bed with your partner

Image Source

Cuddle, talk, and spend some time together before starting your day.

11. Off Day Ritual – Plan a fun and adventurous evening anytime either of you faces a very bad day

Image Source

“Did you get yelled at by your boss today? Let’s go bowling, then a bike ride, then dinner at that cowboy themed bar, and ice cream at that sweet little place you love.”

Day = Made! 😀

The purpose of these rituals is to infuse love, not to bind you in some kind of obligation. So, don’t freak out if you miss doing any of these in tough situations. Also, keep doing impromptu things to keep the suspense alive.

Hope these were helpful.
Until next time… :)



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