13 Really Rare Images Of King Khan That Are Bound To Make Your Day

If you never miss a Shahrukh Khan movie and make it a point to watch at least one of them every weekend, you can’t miss what we have for you. You must have seen movie stills, photo shoots and his on-location photos, but if you’re a die-hard SRK fan, you really deserve to have a look at these. Take a look at some of the rarest pictures of King Khan that will fill you up with nostalgia. From his stage performances to his college days to a couple of photos with Gauri, this album is nothing but real gold for SRK fans!

And yes, you can thank us later. 🙂

1. A happy picture of Shahrukh and Gauri holidaying in a far-away land!


2. Black and white photos are beautiful. Can you deny it?


3. If you’re a real SRK fan, you will spot him in 2 seconds.


4. What a perfect family portrait!


5. One doting father he is!


6. SRK sharing some time off with Gauri Khan.


7. Just look at the way he’s looking at Gauri. This is such cuteness-overload!


8. We knew they always ‘had’ something between them!


9. That mustache!


10. Blurred and hazy, but what special memories!


11. King Khan having a hearty laugh with Yash Chopra, Honey Irani and wifey Gauri.


12. Another picture perfect moment!


13. AbRam Khan – how can we miss the latest cutie of the ‘Khan’-Daan?




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