Ingredients of a relationship …!!

Each every relationship has a pillar named love. Love and respect for each other is the most  essential part of a relationship. Every relationship deals with the stages of life and go through ups and downs of reality, but it’s very important not to give up on person you love and care. Apart from love there are many other things which matter in a relationship to bring stability and to create understanding. Following are the ingredients for a perfect relationship and everlasting romance .

The basic standing pillar of any relationship is trust. Trust a person that “she\he would never let me fall..”. Never expect the person you love will never leave you but expect until and unless you are together that person will never betray you.

Honesty is the pillar of relationship, the more trust you make your partner feel, the stronger gets the bond. These things means a lot in relationship, a seed of doubt harvests an unwanted or hurting future..!

Comfort zone
Comfort zone with a person you love is very important because this develops an understanding of handling a particular situation, more clear perception of your spouse thought process and gives freedom to express and explain the situation. In return you are also expected you have a patient ear and understanding attitude  towards your spouse.

Lack of communication lead to disinterest,suspicious attitude, lack of understanding. communication is very important for a healthy relationship. Laughing and crying together makes two people so close to each other that they are inseparable.

For healthy relationship one must never forget the ingredient compatibility.
How you feel when have spouse around ..?
Your feelings and how well you gel up with each other under the different sections of circumstances. How well you know each other is very important in a relationship.

Seduction, where most of the feelings, regarding a person starts, heart skips a beat and we feel attracted towards the style, attitude, intelligence, and ofcourse understanding. Seduction apart from being physical is more than getting attracted to the one who makes you feel alive

Ps- Love is ‘kiss’ keep it simple and silly, more ingredients, bitters the taste


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