Looking To Make A Difference? Here Are 13 Selfless Things You Can Do This Festive Season.

October and November together, make for an extremely exuberant time in India. The monsoon has eased in most places and the festival season is in full swing. Although the celebrations and rituals differ depending on the region, but India pays homage to the divine ‘Shakti’, Maa Durga during this time.

But what exactly is the definition of ‘Happy Durga Puja’ or ‘Happy Diwali’?

Don’t you think there is something dangerously wrong with the society, with our society? With so many people unemployed, homeless and starving today, you cannot afford to sit back and do nothing. There are plenty of organizations in India that are helping people in need, but that shouldn’t stop you from lending a helping hand this festive season.

Sadly, chasing happiness is really common these days. But, spending money on other people instead of material purchases like expensive shoes and televisions also boosts happiness.

Helping someone can be a great source of happiness for you. Just randomly help someone and see the difference. Even the smallest deeds, such as cooking a meal for a homeless family goes a long way.

So, let’s take a look at 13 ways you can add meaning to someone’s life this festive season:

1. Celebrate the festival with your friends and family


..and spread happiness amongst the people you live.

2. Be a volunteer


I, personally have always found that where I’m truly happy was when I realized I was in a moment that was close to my heart. And these moments just happen..if you volunteer.

3. Donate clothes to the homeless


You can celebrate by doing something good for the people who sleep under the stars. Winters are coming, give them something warm to wear.

4. Cook a meal for others


Take one meal a day less, as you can survive on 2 meals as well. But it will mean the world to a family.

5. Get some food for a beggar who is standing outside KFC or Subway


Maybe they won’t say ‘thank you’, but they’ll be overjoyed by your thoughtful gesture.

6. Don’t throw waste on the streets


Face it, we Indians are dirty people. The day after the celebrations, the scene across the city is of strewn banana stems, garlands, and rotten fruits. Contribute in keeping the society clean.

7. Visit orphanages or old age homes


Experience the joy of the festival by spending some quality time with children and the old widows.

8. How about giving a pretty dress to the girl who sleeps on the street?


It will be totally worth it when you’ll see the smile on those faces.

9. Donate blood. Save 3 lives.


Giving blood is one of the most selfless things you can do. Just one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives.

10. Give something which means a lot to you


The little boy who lives under the bridge doesn’t need your iPhone, WiFi router or Fastrack watch, but a true test of selflessness will be when you give something that means a lot to you. Maybe, your fancy jacket, your toy or favorite pair of shoes.

11. Visit a hospital


Hospitals can be sad places during holidays. Make the senior citizens and the children happy by visiting them during the festivals.

12. Work overtime and cover someone’s leave


Why not? I know, your time is precious. But it’s certainly a sacrifice that won’t be forgotten.

13. Send gifts to the Indian Army


When you are celebrating Durga Puja in Kolkata or Diwali in Delhi, remember an army officer is protecting the borders in Jammu & Kashmir. So how about, sending gifts for them to make their ‘festive season’ a little bit brighter?

It’s important to change what you do, not how you think. Celebrate with those who you feel are deprived of happiness.

Make the best out of the festive season. Cheers! :)



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