10 Mythological Weapons That Are Very Similar To Modern Firearms

The two epics from the Hindu mythology, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, are based around two epic battles. In Ramayana, we have the battle between Rama and Ravana, and in Mahabharata we have the battle of Kurukshetra. So naturally, the epics are sprinkled with weapons of mass destruction (and I am not being metaphorical here).

True, many of these weapons probably have inspired scientists to create a modern day equivalent. But to think that these weapons might have existed even thousands of years ago, is truly astounding!

1. The Mantras

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Throughout Hindu mythology, we see the importance that mantras were given. Whether to invoke spirits, or activate weapons, or please and praise gods, mantras were highly essential

What does it do – Invokes spirits and weapons that can be used on enemies.

Similar to – Voice-activated devices.

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2. Shiva’s teen baan

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In Mahabharata, Bhima’s grandson Barbarika was granted this weapon by Lord Shiva.

What does it do – After zeroing on a target, it destroys it. It never misses it’s targets.

Similar to – Modern torpedo.

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3. Pashupatastra

Image source

A shape-shifting weapon that had to be obtained directly from Lord Shiva.

What does it do – Destroys its target completely from the face of the earth, irrespective of the target’s nature.

Similar to – Impact wise, it is pretty much similar to a hydrogen bomb.

Fact Source

4. Indraastra

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Owned by the king of Gods, Indra, this powerful weapon could kill many people at once.

What does it do – It can produce a shower of arrows upon the enemy army.

Similar to – Machine guns, obviously.

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5. Agneyastra

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Owned by the fire god Agni, this weapon could emit flames that were inextinguishable.

What does it do – Throws fire flames.

Similar to – Flame-throwers.

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6. Twashtar Astra

Image source

This fantastic weapon was owned by the heavenly builder Twashtri.

What does it do – It confuses a band of army to mistake their own for enemies, which would inevitably lead the enemy to destroy themselves.

Similar to – Various gases that get used in todays warfares.

Fact Source

7. Sudarshana Chakra

Image source

One of the eminent weapons of Lord Vishnu, this disc like weapon has surfaced in Hindu mythology time and again.

What does it do – Works and stops only at Vishnu’s command, and destroys target completely.

Similar to – Modern day missiles.

Fact Source

8. Pushpak rath/vimana

Image source

Ravana, the king of demons, possessed this airborne chariot with which he abducted Sita.

What does it do – Vehicle that flies.

Similar to – Personal aeroplane.

Fact Source

9. Vajra

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This is another weapon owned by the king of gods, Indra, and is similar to Zeus’ thunderbolt. The literal meaning of the word is ‘lightning.’

What does it do – It will make the target get struck by lightning.

Similar to – Modern day tasers, that give electric shock.

Fact Source

10. Brahmastra

Image source

Created by the god Brahma, this weapon was used in the war of Kurukshetra. It was also used upon Rama and his army by Indrajit, in the Ramayana.

What does it do – Complete Annihilation of the target. It can also destroy multiple realms at once.

Similar to – Nuclear bomb

Fact Source

Looks like there is nothing new under the sun after all.



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