8 Dialogues From PKP 2 That Will Make Every Man Laugh, And Woman Cry!

After a killer monologue in Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Kartik Aryan was back with another monologue in PKP2. Even though this monologue has always remained one of the key highlights of the PKP series, the film overall is a complete entertainer. Although some critics and people targeted the film saying it’s misogynistic and it targets women and portrays men as victims in a relationship, one of the most obvious facts is that the film has always managed to entertain the audience.

PKP 2 is doing great at the box-office! Reason? Positive word of mouth and its rib-tickling dialogues. Even if you haven’t watched the film, here are 8 best dialogues from the second part of Pyaar Ka Punchnama that will make every man laugh, and every woman, well, crib and cry! 😉




PKP2 Card 3















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