10 Hilarious Sardar Jokes Even My Surd Friends Laughed At

DISCLAIMER: This article has been written in humour and is not intended to offend anyone.

It’s amazing how Sardars have been the focal point of innumerable jokes. What is more amazing is that they take it so very sportingly. But news confirms that a recent PIL against ‘Sardar Jokes’ will be heard by the Supreme Court. While we won’t question the ban, if it happens, we would obviously miss the hilarious Santa Banta jokes. Those two fictional characters have been around for so long that sometimes they feel like childhood friends we grew up with.

Having said that, here are 10 classic Sardar jokes that are sure to crack you up too:










And of course, the classic…

There was a time when Santa & Banta were in the same bedroom. They went off to sleep. Harr baar joke chahiye? Ab toh chhod do dono ko.


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