13 Awesome Reasons Why Ahmedabad Will Ruin You For Life

If you’ve stayed in Ahmedabad for past couple of years to get a degree or lived there all your life, here’s a piece of advice for you- stay there and never leave! Trust me, because you’re now a spoilt little brat and it’s your city’s doing.

The absolute cacophony of rest of India would drive you crazy and the only thing that you’ll left to say would be- Eni maa ne!

And here’s how Ahmadabad has spoilt you each and every one of you:

1. Beginning the day or just hanging out at the Sabarmati riverfront is absolutely blissful! Where else can you find that?

People hanging out at sabarmati river front

Image Source

2. The city is exceptionally safe for locals and tourists alike! You can literally go out in the middle of the night and happily kill the hankering for ice cream or just feel the night chill.

Tourists out in the night in Ahmedabad

Image Source

You will have to think 10 times before you step out late at night in any other city and eventually give up and go to bed! 😦

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3. You are also going to get used to having 24×7 power supply without any glitches whatsoever! This is one thing you’re to miss for sure in any other city in India.

night lights at ahmedabad

Image Source

4. The Ahmedabadis are some of the sweetest and most friendly and people you’ll come across. No wonder, they’re always ‘Majja Maa’

Happy little kids in Ahmedabad

Image Source

5. They’re also very broad minded and aware of the issues happening around them and do not fear raising a voice!

LGBT protest in Ahmedabad

Image Source

6. The festivities are absolutely vibrant! It’s not just the usual delightful atmosphere but the burst of colors, starting from their attire to their kites will sweep you off your feet!

people enjoying garba in Ahmedabad

Image Source

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7. The world seems kind, orderly and sane in Ahmedabad’s streets unlike the crazy anarchist traffic scene in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata

The orderly traffic in Ahmedabad

Image Source

8. Because there cannot be another Sabarmati Ashram!

Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad

Image Source

9. The city has no dearth of food joints which are open till late in the night. Your midnight cravings are covered!

Image Source

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10. With premier institutes like IIM and NID, the young crowd of the city is not just enthusiastic but intelligent!

students in IIM Ahmedabad

Image Source

11. Of course, not to miss Ahmedabad’s romantic drive way- Kankariya Lake

kankarialake lake, the marina drive way in Ahmedabad

12. Yes there’s no alcohol and summers can be a bit cruel but it’s worth sacrificing when you get everything else in one package

Young people flying kite in Ahmedabad

Image Source

13. And it’s not like people of Amdavad don’t (get to) drink at all, when the hankering reach heights you can take a short road trip to Daman and Diu.

beer on the beach of diu

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