Nobody Was Willing To Sit With This Muslim Lady In The Train. And Then, This Guy Showed Up

With growing instances of religious intolerance at an all time high, people find it easier to stereotype someone on his/her appearance rather than acknowledge that person’s individuality.

Thankfully, people like Dante Jamie Coyne exist.

Source: BuzzFeed

According to a report by BuzzFeed News, Coyne, who’s a tech support engineer from Woking, England, was on his way to Basingstoke when he noticed a woman in a niqab sitting alone.

The section of the carriage where she was sitting was totally deserted.

Source: BuzzFeed

It was pretty evident that other passengers were hesitant to sit next to her.

That’s when Coyne stood up, loudly announced “I’ll sit here then” and proceeded to take his seat.

Source: BuzzFeed

The gesture might’ve been small, but it speaks volumes about how people are in a constant hurry to judge others and how one man can truly make a difference.

Coyne said that though his co-passenger was silent throughout the journey, she did say a very quiet ‘Thank You’ before leaving.

Source: BuzzFeed

Soon after Jamie had posted about the incident on Facebook, his status had received more than 40,000 likes and more than 4 thousand shares.

Here’s what his post read.

Source: BuzzFeed

Jamie said that he was shocked at the response for doing something that was very normal.

He maintained that all he did was give respect to a fellow human being who deserved it.

Respect, man. Respect.

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