His Wife Left Him. But She Also Left Him The Sweetest Notes Ever. #ShortFilm

click here to watch it (youtube link)

She left him a reminder — life goes on.

In his grief and loneliness, he finds the house littered with post-it notes. His family has came and left. They’re not inattentive, but life simply went on for them.

Life should go on for him, too.

She had the foresight to leave everything labelled with instructions and reminders, as he doesn’t even know how to make noodles for himself.

She must have been a complete control freak about domesticity, or being completely realistic about his survival.

He hobbles on, wearily, re-learning the practicalities of life. The weariness and loneliness seeps into his daily routine.

One day, he decides to put on a coat.

He finds just one more surprise. She knew it was all he needed to carry on.

Watch ‘Grandfather’ by Lee Eukyung (Korea) on Viddsee BUZZ:

‘Grandfather’ was the top winner at regional Digicon6 KOREA competition and the Digicon6 ASIA Gold Grand Prize. It was made by Lee Eukyung and her friends Kim Minwoo, Yu Hyejin, Jea Youra, Lee Miru, Kim Yunha, Kim Sumin and Kim Jeoungbin.

Watch this delightful comedy ‘Sisters’ by Lincoln Chia, about two brother-in-laws whose secret is about to come to light at the wedding ceremony

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