They Peeped At Her & Got Caught. But Someone Else Is Also Watching. #ShortFilm

They have peeped at this woman for a very long time. She lives across the road.

Their antics get them into trouble when she catches sight of them.

She’s furious. She walks down the street to confront them.

Instead of hiding or running away, he decides to walk down and meet her head on. He’s nervous and perversely excited to finally meet the woman he’s fantasising about. But he also wants to warn her about an impending danger.

She’s too outraged to listen to his concerns. Their commotion attracts the cops, and they’re forced to leave the scene without her.

She’s finally left alone.

But there’s one other guy out there that nobody knows about, and he’s still watching.

Watch ‘Rear Window’ by Sun Nan (Korea) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains coarse and strong language

‘Rear Window’ was screened at the Korea-China University Film Festival.



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