These 10 Marriage Proposals From Around The World Will Make Your Heart Melt With Love

Not every woman necessarily dreams of being a bride, but definitely dreams of being truly loved by someone. In fact, why only women, each and every person wants that someone special. Someone who is your best friend, someone who is your soul-mate, someone to fight wars for, someone to cross oceans for; as clichéd as it sounds, these things seem trivial when you find your true love.

The day someone proposes their partner to marry them and stay with them for the rest of their lives, their love takes a big step ahead. Lot of people I know do not believe in marriage but everyone does believe in celebrating love.

A wedding proposal is more than just about wedding. It is about declaring your unfiltered love and giving your love the greatest gift ever. Some people across the world decided to do it in a unique way and surprise their beloved. Presenting before you, the ten greatest wedding proposals of all time. This is going to make you cry.

10. Love is in the air





Ryan decided to propose his girlfriend Carlie is the most unique way ever, by putting his pilot skills to use. He took Carlie for a flight in a glider on a fine day to show her what the world looks like from up there. They were having a lovely time when suddenly the plane controls stopped responding. “Honey, I need you to stay calm. The flight controls aren’t responding”, he said.

Carlie started reading the instructions from the control screen and it said that the pilot is your ideal mate. He will love and honour you for the rest of his life and then came the big question. WILL YOU MARRY ME? Carlie had no words. She was stunned and in tears. She said yes! Then they kissed…thousand of feet above the world where it was just the two of them, celebrating what was theirs. You can watch the entire proposal here.

9. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ for his bride to be

David Slater and Bethany Albert’s engagement was nothing less than a dream, and if you are a book lover then you are going to cry your heart out after reading this. When Bethany decided to visit her parents house for holidays, she came home to a surprise on Christmas eve. “I walked in the house, not expecting my sister to seize me and start exclaiming that Mr. Bingley had returned to Netherfield at last”, she said.

Her entire family had recreated half an hour of scenes from her favourite book ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Bethany’s parents were Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. Eventually, Bethany, David, and their family moved outside the house and her Mr. Darcy proposed to his Lizzie in her neighbour’s backyard.

Bethany, who is a major in English said, “Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books. I loved that it involved family; my sisters, parents, his sister, brother-in-law, nieces… It was so special to interact with them and exchange knowing smiles during the production.”


8. The cave of love

For someone to make their proposal unique and memorable, how far can they go? This guy thought beyond the pomp and show and took her girlfriend, Alesha to the world’s biggest cave. There, he dropped on one knee and asked the question. The setting was beautiful. A huge expanse with its utmost nature beauty and just the two of them (and of-course, the secret photographer).

This is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and this is one of the most beautiful proposals I have ever seen. How do you say no to that?


7. Lights, Camera, Propose!




Jaime was posing for a family picture on Christmas eve with her family members and boyfriend Tyne, wearing t-shirts with one letter written on each. They stood in order to spell the word ‘MERRY XMAS’ with Jamie and Tyne sitting in front.

The picture got clicked but one of Jamie’s family member said that it hasn’t turned out to be good and he need to readjust the camera. When he went near the tripod, people behind Jamie and Tyne rearranged to spell ‘MARRY ME?’. After the picture got clicked, Jamie went near the camera to see the preview. When she turned, she found Tyne sitting on one knee. You can watch the entire proposal here.

6. Flashing the question with a flash mob




Flash mob proposals are quite common, but this one beats them all. This guy proposed his girlfriend in the middle of a crowd of more than 1,000 people all waiting for her to say that “yes”. It was during a meeting of nearly 1,000 flash-mobbers that came together in Seattle for the 3rd Annual Glee Flash Mob.

He popped the question and the crowd cheered like crazy. He said few words which will be the sweetest thing you’ll hear. And when she said yes, there was a huge celebration with another round of dancing. You can watch the entire proposal here.

5. Just like in the movies…




Now, this proposal was creative! This guy created a movie trailer telling the story of his love. He persuaded a resort theatre to play it before the real movie where his and his girlfriend’s family were seated. He hid a video camera in ficus plant to record her reaction and then popped the question at the end of the trailer.

When she said yes, the whole theatre cheered and it was more than magical. He married the woman of his dreams in the most romantic style ever. You can watch the entire proposal here.

4. Ask the ballerina




How do you propose when your girlfriend is a dancer? This guy has the perfect answer. Ed took his ballerina girlfriend Rachel to see “The Nutcracker” at the Grand Opera House in Dubuque, Iowa. When the show got over, he asked if she wanted to go backstage to meet the dancers of her former dance group. When they reached backstage, their favourite song started to play and Ed asked Rachel if she wanted to dance a bit. By that time, the theatre got filled with Ed and Rachel’s friends and family members, behind the curtain.

Suddenly, the dancers started dancing around the couple, backstage. Then, in a few moments, the curtain raised to reveal a cheering audience of their friends and family. And then, amidst the dancers and on the stage, Ed got down on one knee and popped the question. You can watch the entire proposal here.

3. Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal




Isaac invited his girlfriend Amy to his parents’ for dinner. He then took her out and made her sit in the back of the car facing out with the open trunk and head phones on. The car started to move on a walking pace, and thus began the ‘World’s First Live Lip-Dub Proposal!’

As the car moved on the road, family and friends started walking along with the choreographed steps on the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. With every minute, the people kept increasing as the song went on and were later joined by a marching band. And then the crowd parted to make way for Isaac who marched in and popped the question. You can watch the entire proposal here.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best proposals I have ever seen.

2. Where it all began…





Before telling you the story, I have to mention that Levy had saved money to propose his future girlfriend since he was 12 years old.

Levy and Tiffany met at the Rose Bowl, which is one of the best locations for college football. So, when it came to popping the question, Levy decided to bring Tiffany where it all began. But, it wasn’t a normal proposal. Levy had planned the elaborate day-long proposal that included a limo ride, 10 of her closest friends coming together, a mani pedi and a shopping spree.

As the day went on, Tiffany kept meeting more friends including her father who met her when she was blindfolded and was entering the stadium. And then, right in the centre of the football ground, Levy got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. You can watch the entire proposal here.

“Getting to see her come through that tunnel, for that moment,” Levy says, “I get to sink in how beautiful she is”

1. The 365 day proposal





Well, this one tops the list and it will leave you gaping when you’ll realise what Dean did.

For starters, he planned his proposal for over a year. So on 8th January, 2014 (which was Jennifer’s birthday) he decided that he will pop the question one year later, on the exact same day. And hence began the countdown. So he took a small video of himself every single day for a year with a white board which read the date and the question asking her to marry him and complied all of that in a single video.

So when Jennifer watched the entire video, it asked her to turn around. And there he was, standing with the same white board with the date written on it (Yes! her birthday) and got down on one knee at the beach and asked her the question. You can watch the entire proposal here.

Can you imagine the amount of faith he had in his girlfriend and his relationship? Also, not to mention the patience and perseverance of shooting a video for a year everyday just to make the girl of his dreams happy! 😀

Love makes us do wonderful things, just like these proposals. Well, time to get up and wipe the tears.



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