How Do You Cope With A Broken Heart According To Zodiac? Mine Was Absolutely True.

How do you cope with sadness in your life? Or when you have a broken heart? Are you impulsive with rage or do you prefer to sit in silence? Do you binge-eat or do you become lethargic? Or do you pick yourself up or fall in a pit of despair?

Well, if you’re into astrology, you’d know there are quintessential characteristics and mannerisms for each of the twelve zodiac signs. According to astrology, each of the zodiac signs reacts differently to the heartbreak. The manner you portray your negative or positive side has a lot to do with your zodiac sign.

So, here are some of the characteristics of each zodiac sign:

1. Aries – You hide your aching heart and see new romantic adventure as the solution

You definitely have the bouncing ball quality. As soon as you face a heartbreak, you tend to hide your emotions and you don’t believe in portraying them. Rather, you’d prefer a new romantic adventure.


2. Taurus – Tend to get isolated but try appearing calm

You might harbor deep dark thoughts inside your mind, but from the outside, you will always be calm. Often these dark thoughts might take a long time to eradicate and then you have to push yourself onto a new track.


3. Gemini – Resort to over-thinking

You’re somewhat similar to Aries. You tend to have new romantic options up your sleeve. Often, you resort to over-thinking.


4. Cancer – Feel the hurt intensely

You feel as if a part of you has gone. You feel the hatred emotion quite intensely. It may happen that your hatred emotion morphs into anger. Cancers are often advised to toughen up and move on.


5. Leo – Wait for the life to return to normal

You let things be and you give time to the wounds to heal. You wait for the life to return to normal rather than the other way round. After a heartbreak, you might have a dented/bruised ego and therefore, you might never want to repeat the experience again.


6. Virgo – Act as if being rejected was what they expected

You act as if being rejected was the only thing that you were expecting. In some cases, people tend to follow their hobbies and interest so that they can console their heartbroken feelings.


7. Libra – Feel humiliated in the social circle

After losing your other half, you tend to feel embarrassed in the social circle. You don’t feel good and have a feeling of despair after your loved one is gone.


8. Scorpio – Have vengeful thoughts because they love intensely

You are known for your intense feelings. You love passionately and you hate passionately. Sometimes, you handle the matter tactfully because you’re perceived as mature. You believe in reconstructing your future. However, you might have vengeful thoughts sometimes.


9. Sagittarius – Look out for new options

You are almost like the Aries and Gemini. You search for new romantic options. You also believe in travelling to let go of the hurtful feelings and thus, finding a new partner.


10. Capricorn – Believe in pampering themselves

You tend to pamper yourself. After all, according to you, this is the way to escape and endure hurtful emotions. You can also bury yourself in lots of work and work towards your ambition.


11. Aquarius – You are patient

You believe in the power of time. You let take things take their course and thus, believe that time will heal every wound. You believe that it’s better to adjust to the situation rather than changing yourself.


12. Pisces – Will live in a dream world with a happy-ever-after

You tend to space out. If real life doesn’t give you what you need, you form your own world of happily-ever-after. Also, a chance of a new romance is always a possibility.

So, how what does your result say? Let me know in the comment section.

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