13 Embarrassing Memories All Of Us Have Of Our Childhood Days

When they call childhood the best season of life, they seem to forget about some of the utterly embarrassing memories from that season, that make us blush till well into our adulthood.

Now, while each one of us has our own set of unique embarrassing memories from the childhood days, following listed are some that those who as kids were- absent-minded, uncoordinated, and had a weak control over their bodies and minds, will relate to.

1. When you woke up in bed at your relative’s, feeling a bit too wet

Image source

No matter how old you grow, your stories of bed-wetting will always seem embarrassing to you.


2. You failed to control a loud fart in a silent classroom

Image source

And, then tried to act smart by covering your own nose. But, everyone around knew it was you.

They heard it.


3. Or, when you walked out of your school’s restroom unzipped.

Image source

And girls, with their skirts awkwardly settled on their backside.


4. And I don’t know how is this common, but many kids have sat on cacti!

Image source

Then have gotten the thorns removed by the elders, one by one, in front of PEOPLE.


5. You always, always, fell in the most embarrassing of ways in public

Image source

While swinging on the hind legs of your chair.

While stepping down the stairs wearing skates.

You were creative in your falls!


6. You peed a little from laughing too hard, and your friend noticed it

Image source


7. You got scolded by your teacher in front of your crush

Image source

Well, you never wanted to blush that way!


8. Each time you went far too dramatic and threatened your parents yelling, “I am leaving home!”

Image source

And they ignored.

You screamed harder and harder.

They still ignored.


9. When cows made you look like a very gooey dwarf!

Image source

It is accidents like these that make us thank for finally clearing through that phase.


10. When you dropped the glass of water all over the snack items in your parent’s friend’s house, and CRIED.

Image source

And then emerged Mr. Sniffles from your nose and Miss Waters from your eyes.


11. The funny poop memories from your childhood days your parents still keep sharing

Image source

And probably, you yourself didn’t know of such memories until your parents told them to you and kept in the loop, thousands of other people.


12. When they discovered that in the name of taking a bath, you just pour water on the floor.

Image source



13. And of course, all those times they forced you to dance and sing, dressed as a tiny drunk!

Image source

This was the phase where you weren’t old enough to guard yourself and not young enough to not care about ‘what just happened’. But, if it weren’t for such memories, your childhood would never have felt complete! :)

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