Baba Ramdev’s Atta Noodles FAKE Trouble With FSSAI For Using A Fake License

Recently Baba Ramdev launched Patanjali’s newest product Atta Noodles.


But sadly, his Atta Noodles has landed in trouble even before people could start buying it.


The Food Safety and Regulatory Authority of India (FSSAI) has claimed that his Atta Noodles has no approval from them and the license Patanjali is using is fake.



“Patanjali Atta Noodles has not got product approvals from us. The matter has been brought to our notice. We are pursuing it,” said Ashish Bahuguna, FSSAI chairperson, and CEO.


The license at the back of the noodle packet is fake. Bahuguna says, “How can a license be given for a product that has not been approved? Licenses are issued by the state government to manufacture certain items. But approvals for (non-standardised) products are given by us. That approval was not taken. I do not know how the license was procured.”


Baba Ramdev had claimed that the noodles cost only Rs.15, has no MSG, no lead, and uses rice bran oil, instead of regular vegetable oil.


But if the license is fake, and if it has no approval from FSSAI, then the noodles might not be introduced in the market at all.

The re-launch of Maggi is already being questioned, and now this. Looks like the noodle world has landed itself in hot waters. No pun intended.

News Source: Indian Express

Cover Image Source



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