The 5 Most Mind-numbingly Irritating Advertisements On TV

This article is dedicated to all the Youtube Ads that come without a Skip button.

Let the bashing begin:

1. Airtel 4G

This creepy girl stalks people and forces them to watch Honey Singh videos for some stupid network challenge.

Clearly, she neither has friends nor a life.

2. Fair And Lovely

This cosmetic brand’s sexist and racist ads have been on TV for more than a decade now.

3. Maggi

Yes, I love Maggi.

But this guy is just going next level on the emotional scale.

4. Thumbs up (Taste the thunder?)

Salman’s new girlfriend is called “Toofani”.

She’s available for 10 bucks.

He really wants to do her.


So this App got two people sleeping together.

Creep level 101.


I’m sure I’ve missed out on many other dumb as shit ads. Drop them bombs in the comments section.



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