Look At The Amazing Features of Railway’s New ‘Make in India’ Coaches

The regular woes of train travel can take a back seat now as Indian Railways unveils the new ‘Make in India’ coaches. This was a pilot project launched by Indian Railways in 2011 to refurbish the interiors of the trains with an aim to give a ‘homely’ feel to the atmosphere inside the coaches.

Designed by Bhopal’s coach rehabilitation workshop (CRWS), Nishatpura, the 24 coaches recently had a trial run between the stations of Bhopal and Bina at a speed of 120 kph. And soon enough, you might get to travel in these.

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The coaches have ergonomic seats equipped with jerk-less springs that will make the journey smooth and reduce the intensity of bumps felt by the traveler. Moreover, the interiors are brightly coloured and the flooring is given a carpet-like texture through paints.

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They have also implemented the bio-toilet system, and toilets DO HAVE soaps and dustbins.

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Equipped with modern amenities, these spacious coaches have bigger side births with snack tables.

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The features also include LED reading lights, and (oh yes) multiple charging points.

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Also, the chains between the middle births are replaced by railings and side supports.

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Furthermore, with additional features like fire extinguishers on both sides of the coach and fire-proof seats, the safety quotient also seems to have been taken well in consideration by the makers.

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Looks like the dream of Indian Railways of creating a ‘homely’ atmosphere inside the Indian rail coaches is actually being realized, and it does seem promising. Don’t you think?

News Source: TOI

Cover Image Sources: 1, 2


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