7 Facts About Indian Geography You Definitely Did Not Know

India is definitely a unique country, with such diversity and cultural heritage on one hand, and issues (lots of them) on the other hand. And although geographically we’re just the 7th largest country in the world, there is a bunch of stuff about our country’s geography I bet you don’t know. Whether geography was your favourite subject in school or not, these facts are out to surprise you!

1.  India legally shares a 106 km border with Afghanistan in northwestern Kashmir.

india map


2. We are only four countries away from Italy – Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Greece lie in between.



3. Delhi is almost equidistant to both Lahore(427 km) and Lucknow (474 km).


4. Nicobar is closer to Kuala Lampur (about 977 km) than to any point on mainland India.


5. Ahmedabad is nearly equidistant to Muscat and Chennai.


6. Delhi is closer to Kabul (1006 km) than it is to Mumbai (1396).


7. Kolkata is closer to Bangkok (1614 km flight distance) than it is to Mumbai (1660 km flight distance).




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