Daniel Radcliffe’s audition tape for ‘Harry Potter’ is an incredible blast from the past

harry potter daniel radcliffe hogwarts wizard teenager TEENWarner Bros.

It’s been more than a decade since the first Harry Potter movie hit the big screen in 2001, but thanks to YouTube, what appears to be Daniel Radcliffe’s original screen test for the wizarding series has surfaced, bringing the magic of Hogwarts back to life online.

Here’s a look at young Radcliffe trying on his iconic Potter spectacles during the screen test. Totally adorable.

None animated GIF

In the video, Radcliffe discusses dragon eggs with Hagrid and shows off his dramatic side while running lines about dementor attacks and Sirius Black. Uploaded in 2014, the video has been viewed just 600,000 times, but we’re willing to bet that number will be climbing soon.

“He’s really good, he should definitely get the part!!!” writes one humorous YouTube commenter.

You can watch the entire video here or below. 




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