This Video Is A Slap In The Face Of Every Girl Who Has Ever Dumped A Guy Because He Didn’t Earn Enough

click here to watch it on youtube

If we judge women on the basis of how fair and pretty they are, we also judge (and wrongly so) men on how much they earn. Ask any twenty-something guy and there is no chance he hasn’t ever been asked, “Beta, kamate kitna ho?”  The pressure of earning well and buying a house or a car, is so much that almost every second guy out there is an engineer. The worth of a guy is measured according to the size of his…salary package.

If you own a fancy car, or roam about in designer clothes, you will have no problem scoring chicks (unless you are exceptionally obnoxious). And if you are broke, good luck finding adate. Every day, scores of guys get dumped for not earning enough, for not being filthy rich, for not having a fat bank balance.

Watch this hard-hitting video by Purani Dilli Talkies that exposes the hypocrisy women often exercise in relationships. The guy in this video gets back at the gold-digger woman in style and teaches her a lesson for life.



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