Is Selling Gobar Online & It Has A 4 Star Rating. Oh Moo God!

With the ever expanding e-commerce business in India, the range of products they offer has been expanding too. Toys, clothes, stationery, cow dung, you name it, and you get it.

‘Wait, what was the last one?” you ask.

You read it right. Cow dung. Actually, dried cow dung (fondly called upla, awww). It is the latest item to hit the e-commerce websites.

Source: Amazon



Mind you, they’re 100% pure.

Source: Amazon



Not that other e-commerce websites are lagging behind when it comes to selling wacky products.

Source: Flipkart



But nothing comes close to the upla.

Come to think of it, that can be an ideal cake. ‘Cause 100% organic and stuff.



Also, if you think the gobar is too dry, you can always buy some cow urine to go with it.

Source: Amazon



Hey we’re not being ‘intolerant’ to what anybody buys online. Whatever floats your boat, man.



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