Adults Only : How The Women Of Brazil’s Tribe Live.. Here’s Their Fascinating Story.

Shrouded in obscurity, far from the clutches of modernity, lives the world’s most endangered tribe. The Awa tribe is an ancient group, living in the Amazonian forests of East Brazil, having been pushed to the brink of extinction courtesy their European colonialists, who stole their lands and enslaved them.

Source: NAIJ


The Awa tribe leads its life in harmony with nature.

Source: Survival International


Family is not just confined to humans. The animals also form a part of it!

Source: Survival International


Most families adopt wild animals as pets. The women of the tribe breastfeed them until they’re fully grown.

Source: Catherine L Byrne


The kids hailing from this tribe grow up with wild animals by their sides.

Source: Jimmy Kopelia


The animals help them with everyday tasks such as gathering food and cracking nuts.

Source: BBC News


Pets include wild pigs, parakeets, squirrels, large rodents known as agoutis. But monkeys are their favourite.

Source: Huffington Post

After 1835, the tribes rose against their Europeans in a 5 year revolt, that culminated with the mass elimination of 100,000 indigenous people!

Source: Fiona Watson/Survival

Most of their tribe had been wiped out by imported diseases like smallpox and measles. The ones that survived were taken as slaves by the European colonialists.

Source: Live Science


Only a few outsiders have been able to make contact with the Awa.

Source: Img Arcade

Only 300 Awa people are alive today, out of tens of thousands of their kind that thronged Maranhao state, 500 years ago!

Source: Steadygist

Out of the 300, 60 of them have never had any contact with the outside world!


The Awa tribals inhabit a tiny jungle near Barra do Corda.

Source: TreeHugger


The forest fires still prove to be a major threat to their existence, if not the invaders.


Source: Live Science

Yet despite the onslaught by their “superiors”, these primal folk continue to lead their lives in harmony with nature. Most families of the Awa adopt wild animals as pets and their women breastfeed them until they are fully grown!

Fascinating, isn’t it?



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