Arvind Kejriwal Just Tweeted A Picture That Proves Why Delhi Needs The Odd-Even Rule Desperately

That the air in Delhi is highly polluted and not fit for inhaling is something we know all too well now. Arvind Kejriwal’s recent announcement of the odd-even rule for private vehicles came at the right time. The pollution level has risen to alarming heights and has already begun affecting the health of people. Delhi’s air has crossed the highest limits of air quality standards set by WHO, and it is officially poison for any living creature.

Arvind Kejriwal just tweeted a picture of two lungs – one belonged to a man living in Himachal Pradesh, and the other was of a resident of Delhi. And the difference is for all of us to see.

A rather shocking revelation? The pollution in Delhi is shortening our lifespans, rendering us unfit, and lowering the quality of our lives. Modernization costing us our lives. Is it really worth it? The situation is alarming, and if we don’t wake up to the danger now, it might be too late.

Delhiites Dying A Slow Death? Yes, We Are

Arvind Kejriwal Just Tweeted A Picture That Proves Why Delhi Needs The Odd-Even Rule Desperately

© Reuters

In Beijing, when the permissible levels of toxins in the air were breached, schools and offices were shut down. So, the air quality standard set by WHO for PM2.5 (particulate matter) is 25 microgram/cubic metre. Beijing’s air reached 391 microgram/cubic metre. Delhi is at 500 microgram/cubic metre, and counting. Yes, 500 as against the standard value of 25. We are slowly breathing poison.

Permissible air quality standard – 25 microgram/cubic metre

Beijing’s air: 391 microgram/cubic metre

Delhi’s air: More than 500 microgram/cubic metre


© Thinkstock Photos – Getty Images

If you have been wondering why you are getting that nagging headache too frequently these days, or feel tired too easily, blame it on the air. Doctors even advise against exercising in this polluted air as the more you take in, the worse it is for your health. There is no solution to this except ridding the city of all sources of pollution, and traffic is a prime culprit. So, no matter how inconvenient it might seem, let us welcome the odd-even car rule as a bitter medicine we need to swallow to survive.



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