Nicolai Friedrich: The Best Mentalist in the World

Thakorbhai Desai Hall: Ahmedabad,
Opp.Law Garden, Ellis Bridge, Netaji Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006, India

  • DEC
  • Fri 18


  • COD no :- 022-3989-5050. COD option available only for Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara.

    Do you believe someone can read your mind? Nicolai Friedrichcan.

    Not only does Nicolai Friedrich perform magic tricks on a stage, but he also seems to be a real magician. His mixture of visual artistry, fantastic comedy and fascinating mental magic is one of a kind. It is a refreshing brainteaser combined with so much laughter that your stomach will hurt, creating a result that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

    With apparent effortlessness, Nicolai Friedrich breaks the laws of nature. Physical objects float, change their shape, or reappear in new and impossible places. His mental magic breaks the boundaries of traditional magic, leading his audience to believe in the existence of the paranormal! Not only does he appear to read minds, but he is able to control and influence thoughts too. His audience witnesses that which is seemingly impossible and they actually participate in the experiments as Nicolai Friedrich demonstrates his mental powers. It is overpowering to witness his ability to read minds and the rare gift to look into the future!

    But a warning, be careful what you think around him, as your innermost thoughts and deepest desires are not secret from Nicolai Friedrich.

Nicolai Friedrich: The Best Mentalist in the World  in Amphitheatre, UB City

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