20 Problems You Face When Nobody Says Your Name Correctly

I am actually one those poor kids who find themselves with unfortunate (I actually love my name though) names which nobody can pronounce. I shit you not, I’ve been called aChidiya (Sparrow, in Hindi) because people found it super difficult to say my name. Also, I’ve developed the habit of responding to Shreya, even though that’s not my name.
Are you like me too? Then you’d totally relate to the problems one faces when nobody can say their name properly.

1. The first day of school is a nightmare. The teacher calls you something and it gets stuck with you as long as you’re there and beyond because that’s what everyone will call you as long as you live.


2. People tell you that they’ve never heard your name ever before and doubt if it’s even actually a name.


3. Everybody thinks it’s okay to make fun of your name.


4. You look up your name on the internet to find some explanations.


5. People ask you questions about the origins of your name.


6. Your friends ( the devils!) give you the weirdest nickname on the face of the earth which plagues you your entire life.


7. You correct someone who mispronounces your name and they slip back into the wrong one the very next second.


8. Sometimes even your family gets your name wrong.


9. You’re on a call with someone new and they ask you to repeat your name a gazillion times because they think they’re not hearing it right.


10. You get recognized for your work and the name on the certificate/ in the mail is misspelled.


11. You suffer a mini panic attack every time you’re asked your name in a restaurant.


12. You’re driving license/check book or a document which you need as a proof of your identity has your name wrong and you go through hell to get it corrected.


13. People ask you if you’ve yourself misspelled your name on purpose.


14. You always tell your name to someone accompanied by the spelling.


15. You prefer to tell a friend’s name when you order food to avoid confusion.


16. It’s second nature to you to spell out your name to someone who is about to write it down because they’re not gonna get it right for sure.


17. You don’t even bother breaking your name down for little kids, instead rely on the most decent nickname you have to introduce yourself.


18. You actually feel crazy happy when someone gets it right in the first go. (Oh my God! How did that happen!”)


19. When you find someone whose name is the same as yours (Huh! Fat chance. 😛 ), you rejoice for a second but then feel bad that you’ve lost your uniqueness somehow.


20. You’re good with names because you know the pain and the importance.

But that doesn’t stop you from being insanely proud of your name! 😀

Did any of these brush too close to your heart?

Let us know. We promise not to get your name wrong! 😛



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