20 Pictures That Prove It Doesn’t Take Much to Make the World a Happier Place

Cute huskies, babies in animal costumes, and hamsters chewing on carrotsare things that bring a smile on every face. But if there’s anything that makes these smiles last, it’s acts of kindness and humanity captured candidly.

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That’s the thing about the Internet. It throws a lot of negative news at us on a daily basis but , every now and then, it also surprises us with little instances of happiness. This year itself, we’ve seen people saving innocent strays from chilly winter nights, strangers becoming friends for life with just one random offer to help, and world leaders coming out to welcome tired refugees to their country.
So, to add on to the positive spirit of the day, we’re compiling some of the happiest moments of the year when different people led to a common win for humanity.

Happy vibes ahead!

This cafe in Greece, which opens it’s doors to save stray dogs from the biting cold.

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This happy tradition of paying for a stranger’s coffee, that has become a global ritual now.


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These Indian outlets of KFC, that hire hearing and speech impaired employees who’re happy to serve all customers.

This man, who just wants to hold your hand and know your story.

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This amateur farmer, who understands the beauty of sharing.

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This dry cleaner, who’ll help the unemployed look spiffy for their next job interview.

Source: Somerset County Gazette

This unexpected friendship, that started from a simple gesture.

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This patient of the year, who just wanted to cheer up her Muslim doctor.


These Iranian people, who created Walls of Kindness to help the homeless this winter.


This restaurant, which brought Arabs and Israelis together for a discounted plate of hummus.

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This bunch of Santa’s helpers, who collected socks for elders and then packed them, just as cutely.

This Chennai resident, who made sure everyone reached dry lands during the recent floods.

This barber, who went all out to make sure his autistic customer got the best care.

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This man, who knew that missing a train is really not that big a deal.

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This random pie distributor, who took dessert duty very seriously.


These Australians, who decided they wanted to create a Christmas miracle for a stranger.

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This guy, who had his priorities sorted when stuck in a rain storm.

And these guys, who realized everyone needs an umbrella during the rains.

These knitters on a mission, who created an adorable wardrobe for premature babies.

And finally, birthday boy, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who came to the airport to welcome Syrian refugees with his family.

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