8 Eerie-Looking Paintings People Believe To Be Haunted

We have often heard of inanimate objects acting ghostly. Through this article, I will specifically tell you about some paintings with dripping emotions that, if the evidence and stories are to be believed, are haunted.

1. The Crying Boy: The fire starter

Image source

Artist: Giovanni Bragolin

As reported in the British tabloid The Sun on September 4, 1985, a fire-fighter from Yorkshire reported of having frequently discovered the copies of the painting amidst the ruins of burned houses. Over a course of next few months, the tabloid newspaper covered multiple stories of burnt down houses, all of which owned copies of The Crying Boy.

And the impact was so huge, that towards the end of the November in the same year, The Sun organised mass bonfires to burn down the copies that the readers were sending to the newspaper.

Fact Source


2. The Anguished Man: The artist painted it using a mixture of oil paints AND his blood as the medium, and soon after, he committed suicide.

Image source

Artist: Unknown

The painting is owned by a Sean Robinson who claims that his home has been a victim of paranormal activities because of the painting. When he realised that the cause of the unexplained cracking of doors in the middle of the night, along with the screams coming from sources unknown, and the nightmares that would often wake his family members up in odd night hours, was the painting, he decided to dig its origin.

In his research, he found out that the painting was made by a man who painted it by mixing his blood in oil paints, and soon after, committed suicide.

Fact Source


3. The Hands Resist Him: This haunted image was an internet sensation

Image source

Artist: Bill Stoneham

In Feb of 2000, the painting appeared on eBay where it was put for auction. The sellers of the painting (An elderly Californian couple who found it on the site of an old brewery) claimed the painting to be carrying some sort of curse.

In the description for the painting, they claimed that the characters in the painting moved during nights. They also said that at times, the characters would step out of the painting into the room it was put on display.

The haunted quotient of the painting was catchy enough and had sent the internet crowd into a frenzy.

Fact Source


4. Love Letters Replica: She wants to tell them something- say the visitors.

Image source

Artist: Richard King

Samantha Houston was the 4-year-old daughter to a US senator. Once when in Driskill Hotel in Austin, while trying to get hold of a ball rolling down the grand staircase, she tripped and died. Now while this is a replica of a painting of some other little girl and not of Samantha, the weird occurrences around this painting have led people to believe that Samantha has associated herself with this painting.

Hotel staff and visitors claim that the painting makes them nauseous. Some have even felt being lifted into the air while standing in front of it. Some others also say that the girl is trying to communicate with them as they can notice her expressions change when they stand in front of it for long.

Fact Source


5. Man Proposes, God Disposes: During every exam, the painting is covered in Union Jack flag so that it doesn’t impact the sanity of students.

Image source

Artist: Edwin Landseer

Over 160 years ago, an Arctic ship of Sir John Franklin had vanished. As per the recent findings, not everyone who was on the ship perished, in fact, some of them were cannibalised. This painting is in relevance to the same ship and is known to carry a strange curse.

The painting decorates (Read haunt) the picture gallery of Royal Holloway College at the University of London, the gallery which is used during exam times. And as the story goes, the painting is associated with students’ failure and so, every time an exam is conducted there, the painting is covered by Union Jack flag so that students don’t feel distressed.

A rumour goes that when the college first started as a women’s institution, a girl taking her exam in the same room got so frustrated by the painting that she killed herself, whilst still at her desk.

Fact Source


6. The Dead Mother: Owners report hearing the rustling of the bedsheets of the dead woman in the painting

Image source

Artist: Edvard Munch

The artist of the famed The Scream lost his mother to tuberculosis when he was just 5. Just like The Scream exhibits sheer agony in a man, this painting too is an attempt to capture the trauma a young one faces at the death of a parent. People who have owned the image have claimed that the wide eyes of the girl seem to follow their movements. More so, some have also claimed to have heard the rustling of the bed sheets of the dead women.

Fact Source


7. The Portrait of Bernardo de Galvez: Visitors need this man’s permission to click a perfect shot

Image source

Artist: Unknown 

While there are many chilling stories of The Hotel Galvez in Galveston, this portrait of a former Spanish military leader is one of the most intriguing mysteriously haunted objects. Visitors claim they feel uneasy while standing near the painting and can also feel the gaze of Bernardo following their movements. And reportedly, unless they ask Bernardo of his permission, the picture they click of the painting doesn’t come out clear.

Once a paranormal team clicked a photo of the portrait and found a skeleton on the print, perhaps because they failed to ask for prior permission of the former military leader?

Fact Source


8. The Painting of a Headless Man: The artist felt uneasy even as she painted it

Image source

Artist: Laura P.

(The headless figure can be seen near the tree, on one side of the rusted wagon)

Based on a paranormal photograph, Laura P. started to feel uneasy when she was half way through with the painting. She somehow managed to complete it and took it to put it on display at a business place. Three days after that, the scared office workers started to call her, requesting her to take the ghost painting back. The papers had started to go missing in the office, appointments would get messed up, and the painting would never hang straight despite correcting it many times. So, she took it back with her to her home, where the paranormal events came out in full blast.

Fact Source

I feel there’s a logical catch in each of these paintings, what about you?



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