Five crimes that shook India in 2015

Crime is one beat that finds its way to the news cycle regularly and often some stories become big enough to stall Parliament and force resignations of police chiefs and political leaders. As the year 2015 comes to a close, we pause to take a look at the five major crime stories that found mention in prime-time debates on television and front pages of newspapers.

1. Kerala Hummer case

K Chandrabose, a security guard at a residential complex in Kerala’s Thrissur district, died in February after Muhammad Nisham, a business tycoon rammed his Hummer SUV at him reportedly for a delay in opening the gates of the complex. Nisham was arrested on the spot and charged with an attempt to murder. The case made huge waves both in Kerala as well as in the national media considering the blatant manner in which the guard was killed. The Supreme Court in October rejected Nisham’s bail plea and observed that the rich were becoming ‘megalomaniacs’ and that the case was an illustration of how the rich do not value the lives of the poor.

2. DK Ravi case

IAS officer DK Ravi, who belongs to the 2009 batch under the Karnataka cadre, was found dead at his Bengaluru residence on March 16, 2015. Ravi was popular for launching crackdowns on illegal sand-mining in the state and therefore found a lot of attention as an honest officer. Many debated whether he committed suicide or whether it was an act of murder. The CBI in May concluded that Ravi committed suicide by hanging himself. He had reportedly ventured into the real estate business and had an unsuccessful start.

3. Sheena Border murder case

Indrani Mukherjea, wife of ex-Star CEO Peter Mukherjea was arrested by the Mumbai police for the murder of Sheena Bora, three years after the latter’s disappearance. Sheena was later found to be Indrani’s daughter. The case got massive coverage in national newspapers and prime-time television due to the complexity involved in the relationships between the main conspirators. The police later arrested Peter in connection with the case. Sheena was 24 at the time of her murder in April, 2012.

4. Saudi diplomat case

India’s diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia got a jolt after a domestic help in Gurgaon on the outskirts of Delhi accused a diplomat from that country of gangrape and abuse. The woman, 44, and her daughter, 20, from Nepal were rescued by the police from an apartment where they were kept as hostages for a month. Police sources told the Indian Express the two women employed by the diplomat’s family had been allegedly raped, assaulted, threatened and forced to have unnatural sex over a period of four months. The Saudi government however invoked diplomatic immunity and recalled the diplomat from India.

5. Hema Upadhyay murder case

The Mumbai police launched a manhunt early December after it found the bodies of Hema Upadhyay, a well-known artist, and her lawyer dumped in bags in Kandivali. The bags containing the bodies were found in a drain near a cemetery. Preliminary investigation by the police showed personal enmity could be behind the double murders. Police have arrested Chintan Upadhyay, Hema’s husband and another well-known artist, in connection with the case.


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