Here Are 10 Silly Things People Are Doing At This Point In Time

We do a lot of silly and pointless things every day. We do these things to appear cool, to escape embarrassment and sometimes, because we’re just plain bored. Payback India has come up with a fun series of creative that list out extremely funny (and totally fictional) facts about the zany things that people would be doing at this point in time. Here are a few:

1. “Hi. I just return from the Kaneda.”

2. Taare Zameen Par…


3. What happens to people who haven’t heard about Incognito Mode.


4. And naturally;

5. I’m guilty of doing this as well. There. I said it!

6. In the Metro, personal space does not exist.

7. Goodbye and farewell…


8. 35 minutes and free!


9. I hate it when this happens.

10. #TrueStory

What’s happening in your life at this point of time around you? Is it funny? Is it weird? Or is it awesome? Whatever it is, share your story with PAYBACK India with the #AtThisPoint on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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