Lifestyle If You Ever See A Child Sitting Like This, STOP Them Immediately. The Reason?? I Had NO Idea

The position the child in the image below is sitting in is called the  ‘W’ sitting position.


If you grew up sitting like this or more importantly, if you have kids that often sit like this to play or watch TV, you need to try to encourage them to sit in a different way.

Regular sitting in the “W” position can lead to some pretty serious orthopedic issues and can even lead to damage of our postural systems. The position puts too much strain on the hips, knees and ankles which is a particular worry for children whose little bodies are still developing and adapting.

Believe it or not, if not addressed and corrected, the W sitting position can lead to overall development issues. Things like catching a ball effectively or actually any sport requiring balance and coordination can prove difficult.

The W position can also lead to shortening and tightening of the hip and leg muscles, which in turn can lead to children becoming ‘pigeon-toed’. It can also lead to back and pelvic aches and pains when they get older.


The video below goes into more detail. Please SHARE it with any parents you may know.



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