Mom Starts To Reveal Her Pregnant Belly, But Watch What Happens When She Lifts Her Shirt

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting journeys a couple can go through together. Bringing a life into the world that you created is pretty hard to compare to anything else. That’s why parents-to-be get so excited when they start telling people their big news. There are announcements, parties, showers and many small celebrations. There are tons of ways to celebrate the news of a baby and each couple does it a little differently.

When Adrien and Stephanie found out that Stephanie was pregnant with twins, they decided to something totally different and creative. They decided to make a time-lapse video that pretty much beats any other time-lapse video I have ever seen. They included their daughter, getting the news of the pregnancy, telling the family and finding out the gender of their twins. They also had a shot of the twins after they were born. They named the twins Chloe and Leo.

I know I already mentioned that their video is awesome, but did I mention that the video is shot in France? Yeah, they live there. They used several locations to shoot the video, including the Eiffel Tower. Most couples focus on taking pictures of video clips of the pregnant mother’s belly growing over time, but Stephanie and Adrien focused on more than just that. They focused on the details that make preparing for a new baby so special.

I love the clips of the baby room, the family, and the finding out of the genders. And I have to say, the scenery makes the video pretty awesome, too.  (Please excuse my jealousy, I am pretty envious of those who live in France). They definitely know how to make their story stand out. Watch their incredible time-lapse video and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Check it out here: click here to watch on youtube


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