11 Secret Sins That Everyone Does But No One Talks About

Next time before you say “I am not like others”, think about the points that are mentioned below. If not anything, at least these points count for some similarity. Wouldn’t really call them guilty pleasures, but can say that these are pleasures which will make you a little guilty if you talk about them openly.

Image source

Accept it, we all do it more often than not, we just don’t talk about it. Do we?


1. Cleaning plates in restaurants with napkins before eating

Image source

No, my mother did not teach me and yes I will do it because I am a hygiene freak.


2. Wiping toilet seats or putting a pile of tissue paper on it before using it

Image source

Otherwise, it will be literally hip-to-hip poop.


3. Peeking into your boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s / best friend’s phone and never talking about it

Image source

A little sneak-peek won’t kill. Will it?


4. Thieving sauf from restaurants

Image source

They say that it is meant to be stolen, but not all 20 packets.


5. Quickly spy into someone’s laptop and see what they are doing

Image source

Just to know, you know?


6. Going out to fart

Image source

Look right – look left and sameer, hawa ka jhoka!


7. Take a walk after wetting your pants with sweat after long hours of god damn work

Image source

Because it’s not pee and that wetness demands to be gone.


8. And, of course, wiping your hands dry on a curtain

Image source

Well, who doesn’t?


9. Stealing tissue papers from restaurants to wipe sweat from your head during summers

Image source

Free stuff. Total swag.


10. Taking empty bottles to movie theaters and filling water inside from cooler so you don’t have to pay for it

Image source

Okay, who pays 120 rs for water? Who? Who?


11. Coming out of the shower without having anything on ( of course, when no one’s home )

Image source

That’s one thing I absolutely enjoy.

Everyone who sins is a slave of sin. Always and forever, happily.



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