18 Things About India That Are Way Too Hard For A Foreigner To Believe

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but well, is it? When foreigners come to India in search of peace (which we have in abundance) they take obscure trails to places that they haven’t seen, since India is undeniably that one place in the world that entails almost everything.

And few things, well the ones that are mentioned below stun them to the point where they completely absolutely lose their mind.

1. No sidewalks

Image source

It baffles the pedestrian out of them. Aila, where should I walk?


2. The head wobble

Image source

Is that a “Yes” or “No” or…..ummm..”Don’t know”. :(


3. World class delicacies next to a slum

Image source

A posh colony or a famous restaurant next to slum.


4. Lodging prices are too good to be true

Image source

Sasta, sundar aur tikau. 😀 India’s the best!


5. That it’s God’s own country

Image source

This is solely because of the presence of deities on almost every corner.


6. Absolutely no public toilets in public for public

Image source

Most of you will agree with this one. Where’s the loo!


7. Ubiquitous trash chutes

Image source

Roads, beside houses, corner of the street, pavements, rivers etc.


8. Painted trucks

Image source

Haha, what a beauty. People in U.S. wish of they had this.


9. Indian style Chinese food is beyond brilliance

Image source

Because Indian version of Chinese food is winning the world.


10. Dung cakes on wall

Image source

Any explanation?


11. The virginity taboo

Image source

Of course and it is not just for women but men too.


12. Heavy American accent

Image source

Which Americans aren’t aware of. . .


13. Cows, buffaloes, dogs and even elephants on the streets

Image source

We like to live amicably. What say?


14. Family bonds


The idea of a happy joint family baffles them.


15. Low hygiene standards

Image source

Hey, we’re improving. Hygiene is a personal habit, don’t paint my country wrong.


16. Roads between potholes

Image source

Oh yeah!


17. The success of arranged marriages

Image source

They just can’t make peace with the idea that we’ve been equally successful with arranged marriages.


18. Pinky loves Mahesh, written on walls everywhere

Image source

This needs to change. Immediately.

When everything is said and done, there is this one quote that sums up all.

Incredible India, you are a muse.



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