10 Reasons Why Awesome Teens Are Always Single – New

Awesome or popular teens usually suffer from singlehood curse. She goes to school, college or parties, talks to other popular guys, goes to a movie  with them but never date any. She is the one who crosses a bunch of eyes staring at her, ignoring them completely. She has a tough time finding her match because she:


1. Has been hurt before (her first love ditched her when she was sweet 16, and as Shah Ruk khan says ‘pyaar toh bas ek baar hota hai’)

2.Won’t change for anyone (she has an attitude which she will never change for any guy because according to her guys are not worth it)

3.Can’t deal with the emotional attyachar (rather than saying “baby, I am sorry for coming late, ” she wants to enjoy a whole night with her friends)

4.Wants to be independent (because the restrictions by her parents are enough for her and she does not want to spend her teenage life in jail

5.Is too classy and sophisticated for any Tom, Dick and Harry (she is popular and she is too high for just any regular guy to approach her)

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6.Has her own gang of girls and she’s content with them (she is too busy clicking selfies with her girls and posting them on Facebook and bitching about every girl who crosses them)

7.Blames boys for everything (even of her nail breaks, she will blame boys for that)

8.Not every boy can understand her (not every guy will understand that for her sale on ZARA is more important than a date with him)

9.Wants to concentrate on her studies (because her father told her ‘unki mausi ki beti ki bête ki nanand ke 98% aye hai’, so now she has to score 99% to escape from all the taunts)

10.Haven’t met the right guy yet (yes, because all the guys appear same to her: liars and not loyal)



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