Kate Winslet Has Some Very Important Advice for Young Women

There are a lot of reasons to love actor Kate Winslet. She’s given us Academy Award winning performances, relatable characters like Iris, and #FashionGoals-level red carpet appearances. In 2015, she proved she was just as fierce, as she was fabulous, when she added a no-retouching clause to her L’Oréal contract making us, and other body-positive activists, very proud.


Currently, Kate is on a promotional tour for Steve Jobs, where she plays his fearless aide Joanna Hoffman, and is making more powerful statements on subjects of consequence. In an interview with CBS News, she opened up about her personal growth journey from a bullied 15-year-old to an Oscar winning actor.



And it’s this confidence that gets her to talk about her body positively and understand her position as a role model for girls all over the world.



In a press interaction in November 2015, Kate refused to contribute to a conversation on gender based wage gap in Hollywood by calling it ‘vulgar.’ She finally clarified her stand on the subject and said, “So what I think is vulgar is to be talking publicly about actual earning of money. Jennifer put it brilliantly; she did it so gracefully and graciously. But I object to the line of questioning that it almost gives journalists permission to open with…I fully had a journalist say to me, ‘So, do you know if you got paid more or less than Michael Fassbender?’ I don’t ever want to be asked that question, and I certainly wouldn’t answer it.” But does she support equal pay for all genders, ‘You bet your bottom dollar’ she does.



Kate also makes a point about making this conversation much bigger than just a Hollywood problem. She said, “I mean­­, do you think a schoolteacher, a female schoolteacher wants to sit at home and listen to a bunch of Hollywood actresses talking about how they don’t get basically paid enough? Hopefully these discussions will continue to support the efforts that are being made all over the world for the right to equal pay in this field and all other industries.”

Hear hear!



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