10 Awesome Lines From Kung Fu Panda That Will Definitely Cheer You Up

You are Indian, you’re in your 20s, you finished your studies and perhaps you already have a job. So now the only thing that’s left to do with your life is get married.

But you probably think you are not ready for marriage, or that marriage isn’t for you, don’t you? Dude, get over yourself, and check out these uber-important reasons as to why you should run towards the mandap fast!

1. Your grandmother is 80+ and her clock is ticking

Image source

The least you can do for her is give her some legitimate great-grandchildren, can’t you?


2. Most of your batchmates from school are married or engaged

Image source

Go with the flow dude, just go with the flow. Plus, you get a bunch of new DSLRed Facebook DP, how about that!


3. It’s been long since a big family function took place and everyone gathered together

Image source

Do it. Do it for the family. Do it for the greater good, buddy!


4. Your younger sibling wants to get married to his/her sweetheart

Image source

How can they do it before you get hitched? Have you no shame?


5. It’s been a few years since your house was painted and your parents had splurged

Image source

Get married and let them go gaga with their credit cards mate. Euro trips are so mainstream!


6. Your mum hasn’t been taken out her gold jewelleries from locker in a long while

Image source

The power to give her a reason to wear them is in your hands. With great power comes great responsibility. Be responsible. Do it.


7. Your relatives and neighbours are suffering from insomnia thinking about when you’d get married

Image source

Get married. Help them get some ‘chayn ki neend’ at night.


8. Your dad’s childhood best friends college buddy has a marriageable NRI nephew

Image source

Seriously? You want more reasons after that?


9. Sharmaji ka beta just got married, and he’s only 28

Image source

How can you not get married? How dare you not get married ASAP!

Go get married. NOW!



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