12 Things That Happen On Your Facebook Timeline In Your 20s

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Thanks to social media, we always know what people we probably don’t even care about are doing with their lives. And being in a state of transition, that is, our twenties, watching people having so much going on in their lives gets a little overwhelming.

Here are some typical things that happen on your Facebook timeline in your 20s.

1. Your timeline starts to slowly fill up with engagement and wedding pictures



2. Not to mention honeymoon pictures



3. And to take it up a notch, baby pictures



4. People start updating their workplaces and posting status updates about being recruited by top companies



5. And subsequently, some even change their current locations to an entirely new city



6. They start posting pictures of how much fun they’re having at their workplaces and their teams



7. While some are happy with their new jobs, some make it prominent that they’re off abroad to study further



8. There’s always at least one person in your timeline who is now modelling



9. And there’s one long term couple that breaks up



10. Articles like ’20 things you should do before you turn 25′ are shared around by all your friends


And plans of updating your bucket list start to become prominent. 😉


11. And there will be at least one person or group of friends who start their own company



12. And finally, there will be some person who completely vanishes off, and resurfaces a long time later


But, at the end of the day, a Facebook timeline isn’t the ground reality, but just a fragment of it. So, in case you’re feeling bad about where your life is going, there’s always the ‘shut down’ button. 😀

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