8 Reasons Why Every Indian Couple Must Live In Before Getting Married

Gone are the days when men would meet their wives straight at the altar.  Life in the 21st century is much more different than it ever used to be. Our priorities in life have changed, we don’t even think of love the same way as the previous generation did. We’re no longer the generation that is scared of failed relationships. We’re a lot more aware of what we seek for in a relationship. Live-in relationships may have been frowned upon till a few years ago, but they’re becoming essential for every serious relationship, now more than ever. Here’s why every Indian couple must go for it!

1. There’s so much more to each one of us than meets the eye. Living in leaves no room for any pretense. You finally see your partner for who they really are. Falling in love with someone is one thing and being able to live with them, accepting them for all their imperfections is another. A live-in relationship is the biggest eye opener. You get to know how your partner deals with arguments, how bad their temper is, how cool they are with your friends coming over, whether or not they snore while sleeping, their hygiene habits – you find out new things about your partner that you never knew before.

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2. Living in is the true litmus test of a relationship. A relationship is much more than just a perfect date. You might think you may have found the one, but the day you shift in with that person, you’d realize the true meaning of compatibility. It’s easy to get along with someone for a few hours thrice a week. Awkward silences, boredom and disagreements creep in the moment when you start living together. It helps you realize if you really do get along with your partner and that’s what forms the very foundation of every successful relationship.

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3. Running a house by yourself in your younger years is no piece of cake. Finances aren’t easy to manage, especially when it’s the two of you. You’d both have your own expenses and it’s going to be a challenge to afford the lifestyle you wish for. While we’re not denying that it’s true love that makes a relationship work, the more practical ones amongst us would agree that finances play an equal role in maintaining a relationship. It’s always more sensible to learn how to manage finances before you step ahead to tie the knot.

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4. Yes, let’s talk about sex too. There’s going to be a lot of it when you get into a live-in relationship, but as much as it looks like bait, it’s quite an eye opener. A few months on, and there will come a time when you won’t crave sex as much, when the excitement would settle down and the honeymoon phase will fizzle out, and all you’d be left with will be nothing but the truth of your relationship. You’d seek something much deeper than just sex—a connection. You’ll find out whether or not you can appreciate and want their presence around you all the time, whether or not you’re still attracted to them even after the romance fades. You’ll realize if you still want to be with that person the morning after, when you’re no longer controlled by your hormones. It’s only after you’ve crossed that initial honeymoon phase with those crazy, wild nights of sex that you begin to look beyond the obvious and evaluate your relationship on something deeper, more substantial. It makes you face the bitter truth – whether or not you enjoy their company, whether or not you can have a real conversation with them, whether or not you can handle their presence around you all the time, whether or not there’s a connection beyond physical attraction, whether or not you’re still attracted to them even after the mushy romance fizzles out.

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5. No matter how much two people may love each other, it takes time for every couple to learn how to cope with problems together without letting it ruin their relationship. The struggles in a marriage, especially in India are even more because of the extent to which families are involved, and more often than not, it strains the couple’s relationship with each other too. A live-in relationship gives you the opportunity to evaluate the values you stand for as a couple. It helps a couple deal with difficulties of a married life, especially those involving families, as a team, and not as individuals.

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6. Most people don’t even know what they’re getting into when they agree to tie the knot. It is much later that they realize they weren’t really ready for such a long-term commitment, or they simply realize that they never really loved their partner in the first place. A live-in relationship gives you the much needed insight into what married life is going to be. And when you have the chance to tread the waters before you set sailing, then, why not?

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7. The concept of nuclear families is definitely catching up, but a lot of Indians couples still prefer staying in with their parents even after getting married and talking of them when they get old. When it’s impractical for a couple to live by themselves after getting married, it becomes even more essential for them to spend at least a few initial years of their romance renting a house and living in. It’s a kind of freedom they may never be able to taste back home. The honeymoon phase is the most exciting part of a relationship and deserves to be spent away from societal obligations and family commitments.

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8. There’s a fair chance that it may not work out. You might realize you two are not compatible and decide to split. It’ll be hard to step away and leave a house you’ve built together but all said and done, a failed relationship is always better than a failed marriage.

Why Live In Relationships Are Good



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